About TRIAD's Services

What is TRIAD?

The goal of the TRIAD program is to ensure youth and their family’s access to more intensive mental health treatment services, such as a residential treatment center, a partial hospitalization program, or an intensive outpatient program, to enhance a youth’s functioning so they can return to the community with the tools they need to be successful.

Part of the Travis County System of Care

The TRIAD program is a part of the continuum of care for youth and their families provided by the Travis County System of Care. TRIAD brings together representatives from the traditional child-serving agencies: Child Protection, Juvenile Probation Department, Integral Care, and the larger community to facilitate placement for youth who are experiencing severe mental health challenges that cannot be safely managed in the community.

What services does TRIAD provide?

The TRIAD Coordinator partners with the youth and their family to locate the most appropriate treatment option. For residential treatment centers, the TRIAD program provides ongoing support and specialized services prior to admission and for the duration of the placement. The TRIAD Coordinator specializes in collaborating with the family, the community, and the facility to formulate an individualized transition plan for those youth who are returning to the community after a TRIAD facilitated placement. Prior to admission into a more intensive treatment option, all youth and their families are eligible for the wraparound process through The Children’s Partnership. The average length of involvement for residential placement, discharge, and transition back into the community is nine to12 months for the youth and their families. The TRIAD Coordinator provides the same level of collaboration for other less intensive treatment options, such as a partial hospitalization program or an intensive outpatient program, with an average length of involvement of two to six months.


Who is eligible for the TRIAD program?

The TRIAD program serves youth between the ages of 8 to 17 who require more intensive treatment options to ensure their safety and emotional well-being. The youth must be a resident of Travis County, be within 200% of the Federal Poverty Income Guideline, and have current or past involvement in at least two of these agencies: Travis County Juvenile Probation Department, Child Protection Services, and/or Integral Care. The TRIAD program does not serve youth who are adjudicated by Travis County Juvenile Probation Department and/or are in the legal custody of CPS at the time of referral.

How to Apply

How does a family access the TRIAD program?

A referral is made to Community Partners for Children (CPC). The family and referring entity attend the CPC meeting and in partnership with the family service recommendations are developed that will provide support to the youth and family. The recommendations may involve the TRIAD program, as well as other community supports and services. The TRIAD program is utilized as a “last resort” option when a youth is not able to remain stable and safe in the community despite the use of a variety of supports and interventions. Contact Susie Kirk, the CPC Liaison, at (512) 854-4868 to facilitate the CPC referral process.