Tenants' Rights and Fair Housing Counseling

Project Description: This program provides services to people living in the unincorporated areas of Travis County and the Village of Webberville. Tenant’s Rights services include telephone counseling and in-person mediation, as needed. Fair housing services include fair housing counseling, and fair housing complaint processing and testing in support of an individual complainant.

For further information, please contact Austin Tenants Council as follows:

Fair Housing - For an initial phone interview and/or to schedule an appointment call 512-474-7007.
Telephone Counseling - To speak to a housing counselor call 512-474-1961. This line is open Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., and Monday thru Thursday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

CapMetro Northeast Feeder Route

The Northeast Feeder Route (Route 237) is a Capital Metro (CapMetro) bus route located in Northeast Austin in Travis County, Texas. This project will construct four fully accessible bus stops on the route in the unincorporated area of the County. The project will be implemented by CapMetro. CDBG funding will provide for the concrete landing pad and six-foot connecting sidewalk and curb ramp to the nearest intersection. Capital Metro funding will provide a bench, litter container, and shelter for the bus stops. This project involves improving existing public facilities (sidewalk/pathways/ROW) and removing material and architectural barriers (where present) by installing or improving sidewalks and ramps so that anyone can access the new bus stop.

The CDBG project will also fund bus service for the portion of the Northeast Feeder Route that is located in the unincorporated area. Areas served by the route include Eagles Landing Apartment Community and schools in unincorporated Travis County. The route also provides direct service to the Mobile Loaves & Fishes Community First! Village which will house over 250 residents. all of whom will be formerly chronically homeless and disabled. And dependent upon transit. The service will link residents with other Capital Metro routes and provide access to basic goods and services. The project is being implemented by CapMetro.

All Inclusive Park

This project will build an inclusive playground at Southeast Metro Park in Travis County, Texas. An inclusive playground uses universal components to create an area of play that supports the cognitive, physical, sensory, visual, and auditory needs of all children. While the playground will be specifically accessible to children with specialized needs, it will also be available for use to all residents of the area. The project will be implemented by the Travis County Parks Department.

Hillmoore Drive

Hillmoore Drive is a low speed-low volume road that does not meet minimum Travis County standards. so it has not been accepted onto the Travis County maintained roadway system. This project will provide the improvements necessary to bring the roadway up to Travis County standards and be accepted as a County maintained road; thereby, preventing further deterioration of roadway conditions that may decrease the safety of the road and jeopardize access to homes. The majority of the residents that will benefit are low-to-moderate income.

Home Rehabilitation

Project Description: This project funds home repair and weatherization services to low- and moderate-income homeowners in the unincorporated areas of Travis County. The program seeks to improve the energy efficiency, physical living conditions, accessibility and safety in owner-occupied homes. The program targets households at or below 80 percent of the Median Family Income. A grant* of up $24,999 per home will be provided to each qualified homeowner for needed home repairs. Meals on Wheels and More, Inc. administers the project and provides eligibility determination and construction/repair management for each home.

For further information, please see attached brochure in English and in Spanish, or contact:
Alma Ramos / Intake Specialist / Meals on Wheels and More
Phone: 512-628-8171

*Note that all contracts for homeowners who previously participated in the program when it was a forgiveable loan have been automatically converted to a grant.

Family Support Services/Social Work Expansion

Project Description: This program provides social services to residents living in the unincorporated areas of Travis County. Services include: case management, information and referral, non-clinical counseling, crisis intervention, and outreach. The social workers operate out of the seven Travis County Community Centers; however, this program provides resources for the social workers to reduce transportation barriers by providing home-based services.

For further information, visit the Social Workers webpage, or contact one of the seven Travis County Community Centers and ask to speak to a social worker.

Community Development Block Grant

P.O. Box 1748
Austin, TX

Phone: (512) 854-3460


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