Community Impact Report

This annual report provides performance data, client data, and other information about the social service investments of the Travis County Health and Human Services Department.


Travis County Snapshot from the American Community Survey

The annual Snapshot provides a summary of Travis County’s social, housing, and economic characteristics, based on the results from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey.


American Community Survey Supplemental Reports

Supplemental reports use American Community Survey data to explore a selected topic over longer periods, in greater depth, for smaller geographies and/or specific sub-populations.


2010 Census Data Products

These data products use decennial Census data to provide a demographic overview of the Travis County community, geographically and over time.


Policy Updates

These reports summarize the impacts of federal, state and/or local legislative and policy changes on the Travis County community and are designed for use in community planning efforts.


Community Research

These reports summarize varied information collected from individuals and groups within the Travis County community.


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