Investing In the Success of Our Children & Families

Available Services for Children and Youth

The Office of Children Services (OCS) is dedicated to policy development and coordination of service delivery for Travis County Health and Human Services and Veteran Service (HHS&VS) direct services, grant funded efforts, and contracted community services for children, youth and their families residing in Travis County.

Strategies and Programs

The Office of Children Services implements a continuum of strategies covering prevention, intervention and treatment. Specifically, OCS encompasses home visiting programs such as Healthy Families and the Children F.I.R.S.T., children residential treatment efforts such as TRIAD, intensive case management efforts such as Community Partners for Children, and integrated funding initiatives including the Youth & Family Assessment Center and The Children’s Partnership.


The Office of Children Services was created to strengthen Travis County Health and Human Services and Veteran Services’ capacity to address the needs of children, youth and families in our community, and to reduce the incidence of child abuse and neglect as critical factors in youth delinquency prevention.

The Office of Children Services has the following priority goals:

Priority Goals

  1. Oversee Travis County Health and Human Services and Veteran Services’ (HHS&VS) direct service programs for children, youth and families including Healthy Families, Triad, and Children FIRST program.
  2. Oversee HHS&VS involvement with The Children’s Partnership and the Youth & Family Assessment Center, both initiatives providing integrated, flexible funding in support of Wraparound care management services.
  3. Develop a continuum of services for children, youth and their families including the creation of a framework for coordinated service delivery and strategies for prevention as well as needed treatment.
  4. Integrate System of Care principles into all child serving practices in Travis County by promoting and modeling child-centered, youth guided, family-driven, strength-based, culturally responsive services.
  5. Promote best practice models that have demonstrated success through validated evaluation.
  6. Establish clear expectations tied to county funds including fidelity to System of Care principles, evidence of continuous quality improvement processes, and progress toward clear performance measures.
  7. Maximize county funds to leverage resources (i.e. state or federal match programs, external accreditation).

Programs & Initiatives

The Office of Children Services supports these programs and initiatives to serve the community:


Healthy Families Travis County

Program Supervisors: Doris Edwards, Natalie Hendrix, and Azure Hobbs

Healthy Families Travis County Services


Travis County Children F.I.R.S.T.

 Program Manager - Mary Williams

Children F.I.R.S.T. Services

Travis County Child Protective Services Board

Child Protection Services Board Services


Community Partners for Children

CPC Intake Coordinator - Susie Kirk

Community Partners for Children Services


Program Case Manager – Lisa Ward

TRIAD Services


The Children’s Partnership

Contact - Sonia Hartman, 854-5022
Christinia Kuehn, 854-3724

The Children’s Partnership Services

Youth & Family Assessment Center

Project Manager – Brook Son

Youth & Family Assessment Center Services


Parenting in Recovery

Social Services Manager - Michelle Kimbrough
Drug Court Coordinator – Amber Middleton


CPS Reintegration Project

Care Coordinator - Shannon Watson
Care Coordinator - Virginia Aguiluz

Community and Family Reintegration Project Services

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