Program Year 2019-2023 Consolidated Plan

As an entitlement community receiving Community Development Block Grant funds (CDBG), Travis County must draft a Consolidated Plan for submission to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Consolidated Plans are completed every 3, 5 or 6 years depending on the interests of each jurisdiction. Travis County has chosen to complete its Con Plan every 5 years.

Specifically, the Consolidated Plan is a document that includes:

  1. an assessment of the housing and community development needs;
  2. a strategic plan for addressing those needs; and
  3. a one year Action Plan for the use of CDBG funds.

Timeline and Content

The PY 2019- 2023 Consolidated Plan, spanning October 1, 2019 - September 30, 2024, will be developed beginning January 2019 with final approval anticipated August 13, 2019. Below is an initial timeline for the deliverables related to the Consolidated Plan.

  • Executive Summary & Community Profile: January – June 2019
  • Public Engagement and Consultations: January – March 2019
  • Needs Assessment
    • Community Development: February 2019
    • Economic Development: February 2019
    • Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice: March 2019
    • Comprehensive Housing Market Analysis: April 2019
  • 5 year Strategic Direction
    • Homelessness Goals & Investment Plan: April 2019
    • Housing Investment Goals & Plan: June 2019
    • Community Development Goals & Investment Plan: May 2019
    • Economic Development Goals & Investment Plan: May 2019
    • Anti-Poverty Strategy: May 2019
    • Fair Housing Implementation Plan: June 2019
    • CDBG Goals & Investment Plan: June 2019
  • PY 2019 Action Plan
    • Year 1 CDBG Projects: June 2019
    • Year 1 Goals and Investments for: June 2019
      • Homelessness
      • Housing
      • Community Development
      • Economic Development
      • Anti-Poverty
      • Fair Housing
    • Public Comment Draft: July 2, 2019 (tentative)
    • Final Draft: August 13, 2019 (tentative)

Public Engagement Opportunities

  • Community Needs Public Hearing: March 26, 2019 (tentative until Commissioners Court Approval)
  • Consultations: Dates to be added as meetings are set
  • Community Meetings: Dates to be added as meeting are set
  • 30 Day Public Comment Period for Draft Consolidated Plan: July 3, 2019- August 1, 2019 (tentative until Commissioners Court approval)
  • 30 Day Public Comment Draft Public Hearings: July 9th and 16th, 2019 (tentative until Commissioners Court approval)

For more information about how to Participate in the CDBG Program, visit the Participate page.

Additional Information

Program Year 2014-2018 Consolidated Plan

The County recently completed its third Consolidated Plan spanning October 1, 2014 through September 30, 2019 (PY 2014-18). The PY 2014-18 Consolidated Plan includes data on community needs and strategic goals for the next five years and an Annual Action Plan that outlines the projects and goals for the next program year. Activities to be undertaken over the consolidated planning period were organized into six broad categories as follows: Infrastructure, Housing, Community Services, Populations with Specialized Needs, Public Facilities and Business and Jobs. The categories were ranked, as High or Low Priorities, the table below summarizes the prioritization for the planning period:

Prioritization of Categories for the PY2014-2018 Consolidated Plan
Category Priority
Infrastructure High
Housing High
Community Services High
Populations with Specialized Needs/Services High
Public Facilities Low
Business & Jobs Low

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