Division Profile

The Research & Planning Division is comprised of the Division Director, Planning Manager, four Senior Planners, two Planners, and one Administrative and Research Associate. Planners have developed expertise in issue areas and special populations specific to human services. Planners also focus on performance measurement and evaluation, internal system development, and community investments.


Lawrence Lyman, Division Director

(512) 854-4278

  • Staff and Division Oversight
  • Executive Management Team
  • Board and Community Leadership
  • Workforce Development issue area lead
  • Evaluation and strategic planning consultation

Korey Darling, Planning Manager

(512) 854-4275

  • Aging Services issue area lead
  • Data services and GIS mapping
  • Strategic planning and group process consultation

Brittain Ayres, Planner

(512) 854-4274

  • Performance measurement and evaluation consultant
  • Disability issue area support
  • State legislative policy tracking

Brook Son, Senior Planner

(512) 854-4272

  • Early Childhood issue area lead
  • Public participation lead
  • Strategic planning and group process consultation

Courtney Bissonnet Lucas, Senior Planner

(512) 854-3415

  • Performance measurement lead
  • Evaluation consultation
  • Project management tools
  • GIS mapping

Lori Axler Miranda, Planner

(512) 854-3414

  • Performance measurement and evaluation
  • Workforce Development issue area lead
  • Safety Intervention Services issue area lead

Rachel Coff, Senior Planner

(512) 854-3413

  • Immigrant issue area lead
  • DATA Service lead and GIS mapping
  • Group process consultation
  • Community problem solving lead

Tara Carmean, Senior Planner

(512) 854-5290

  • Public Health issue area lead
  • Data and information services
  • Group process consultation

Tonya Pennie, Administrative and Research Associate

(512) 854-5291

  • Administrative and planning support
  • Performance measurement and evaluation support
  • Research and ad-hoc project assistance

Division Business Card
Staff Biographies

Lawrence Lyman, Division Director

Phone: (512) 854-4278

502 E Highland Mall Blvd
Austin, TX 78752 (Map)