Tell us the needs of your community

Tell us about your community needs and recommend CDBG projects by:

  • Attending public hearings
  • Submitting Project Proposal

Attend a Public Hearing

The CDBG office holds public hearings three times a year:

  • During the Spring (February/March), residents have the opportunity to present community needs and recommend project ideas for the next program year.
  • During the Summer (June/July) residents have the opportunity to comment on the recommended projects for the next program year.
  • During the Fall (November/December) residents can comment on the program's annual report.

Submit a Project Proposal

If you have a specific project idea, you may submit a project proposal for consideration. The CDBG program accepts project proposals throughout the year. Proposals received by March 31 will be considered for funding in the next program year which starts on October 1 of the same calendar year.

Submit your Project Proposal:

Forms are also available at any of Travis County's seven community centers.

  • Project proposals can be submitted by community residents, non-profit agencies and Travis County departments.
  • Proposals are accepted at any time throughout the year, however those received after March 31st, are considered for the subsequent program year.
  • Funds are limited and demand generally far exceeds availability, therefore funding of submitted proposals is not guaranteed.
  • Implementation of projects generally takes a few years.

Can't attend a Community Needs Forum?

If you can't attend one of the Spring public meetings, you may also participate by filling out a participation form during the month of March. Additionally, you can propose a project idea by submitting a Project Proposal Form. To download the form and instructions, see the links above under “Submit a Project Proposal".

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