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Frequently Asked Questions about The Children’s Partnership

What is The Children’s Partnership (TCP)?

The Children’s Partnership (TCP) provides services and supports to children and youth with complex mental health needs and their families. The goal of The Children’s Partnership is to help families increase their capacity to live, work, learn and participate fully in their community. Many of the children and youth have been in psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment centers, and are at risk of removal due to their psychiatric needs.

They are living in our community and they receive services and supports utilizing the wraparound process. We partner with families and develop an individualized plan of care that builds on the strengths of the child, the family, and the team. The child and family take the lead in determining their needs and sharing their interests.

The Children’s Partnership works collaboratively with the multi-systems to prevent duplication of services and to use our resources wisely. The Children’s Partnership unites and coordinates resources to maintain a System of Care in Travis County. The Children’s Partnership focuses on the strengths of each child and family, embracing the values and culture of each family.

Services are provided in the families’ home or at community locations, using the wraparound process. The child and family take the lead in setting goals and deciding how to meet them. Parents and families are acknowledged as experts in their child’s life. Staff members, families, and providers create a unique plan of care for each child and youth.

How does Wraparound work?

Wraparound is a team based process utilizing the strengths of a child and family as well as their supports to create an individualized plan. This plan is created to meet the family’s needs and reach their desired outcomes. Each youth/family is assigned a Care Coordinator (CC), who coordinates, communicates, and collaborates on behalf of the child and family team.

The Children’s Partnership also employs Parent Liaisons (PL), parent liaisons are parents of children and youth with mental health needs who have navigated systems. Parent Liaisons offer support, education, advocacy, and ongoing coordination to link families to community resources; they also provide crisis support and ongoing collaboration with partners. Parent Liaisons provide family voice and are essential to The Children’s Partnership and System of Care.

Who are the TCP partners?

  • Community Partners for Children(CPC), the local Travis County CRCG
  • Integral Care
  • Travis County Juvenile Probation Department
  • Travis County Health and Human Services
  • Region VII Department of Family and Protective Services*
  • Austin Independent School District
  • Del Valle Independent School District
  • Manor Independent School District*
  • Pflugerville Independent School District

(*supportive partner, no care coordinator at this time)

What is a System of Care?

A System of Care is a spectrum of effective, community-based services and supports for children and youth with or at risk for mental health or other challenges and their families, that is organized into a coordinated network, builds meaningful partnerships with families and youth, and addresses their cultural and linguistic needs, in order to help them to function better at home, in school, in the community and throughout life.

The Children’s Partnership is part of the Travis County System of Care. The Children’s Partnership service delivery system adheres to the core values of System of Care: community-based, family-driven and youth-guided, and culturally and linguistically competent.

What types of services and support does TCP provide?

Care Coordinators and Parent Liaisons lead The Children’s Partnership delivery system. The Children’s Partnership offers a broad array of services and supports including both traditional and nontraditional services and supports. Both clinical services and natural supports-communities of faith, peers, extended family, and community and cultural organizations are utilized. TCP uses a coordinated network of services and supports across agencies to meet the multiple and complex needs of children and youth.

We partner with local agencies and supports to “wrap our children, youth, and families”.

How can I access TCP?

All referrals come through the local Community Partners for Children (CPC) and Travis County Community Resource Coordination Group (CRCG). CPC serves as the single point of community access to services and supports for children, youth, and families.

CPC supports families’ access to the System of care in a distinctive way. CPC provides a unique opportunity for youth and families to share their experiences and talk about their hope and needs with representatives from approximately 30 public and private organizations who meet together twice a month. Families who attend CPC meeting leave with a plan of care that starts them on their way to accessing services in the community.

Who do I contact to be screened?

To be screened for CPC , please contact:
Susie Kirk, CPC Liaison, 512-854-4868
[email protected]

Courtney Baldwin, Travis County CPC/CRCG Coordinator,  
512-854-5619 or cell phone 512-413-2327
[email protected]
*Bilingual English/Spanish*

Who is eligible?

  • Child/youth must be a Travis County Resident, ages 5-17
  • Child/youth must be multi-system involved, at least 2 human service systems; for example, special education, child welfare, juvenile justice, mental health, etc.
  • Child/youth must have a mental health diagnosis or have reason to believe there is an underlying mental health disorder diagnosis and have significant behavioral challenges
  • Child/youth must have serious problems in functioning in at least 2 domains: personal, family/home, school, community
  • Child/youth must have an absence of immediate risk of harm to self or others-cannot be in need of immediate psychiatric crisis stabilization
  • Parent/Caregiver resides in Travis County
  • Parent/Caregiver agrees to participate in the Wraparound Process

Who do I contact to learn more?

The Children’s Partnership is part of the Travis County Health and Human Services & Veterans Service Office of Children Services.

Our offices are located in the Palm Square building, at 5325 Airport Blvd., Austin TX 78751 (Map)

To learn more about The Children’s Partnership, please contact:
Sonia Hartman, Travis County System of Care Manager, (512) 854-5022
[email protected]

Christinia Kuehn, Travis County Social Services Administrator, (512) 854-3724
[email protected]



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