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Velva Price, Travis County District Clerk
Dana DeBeauvoir, Travis County Clerk

The Texas Supreme Court has established a statewide portal, re:SearchTX, to display court records filed electronically in Texas. As a result, a copy of most instruments filed through and Electronic Filing Service Providers (EFSPs) beginning November 1, 2018 will be retained by Tyler Technologies and made publicly accessible through the re:SearchTX website. Attorneys, judges, and clerks may use re:SearchTX to view records from a broader timeframe – filed beginning January 1, 2016. Criminal filings are not accessible on re:SearchTX. Please note that re:SearchTX may not include all documents filed (i.e. Orders, Pro Se filings, etc.).

There is the potential for a document which was ordered filed under seal and/or contains confidential/sensitive information to appear on that site un-redacted because the attorney/filer did not properly redact or mark the document as sensitive in the e-file system. When filing documents through eFileTexas, please recall that Attorneys are required to redact confidential/sensitive information or, in certain limited cases, mark the document (see Texas Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 21c). It is essential that Attorneys do this to protect the privacy of confidential/sensitive information.

The respective Clerks do not manage the re:SearchTX system. The following information is provided to assist you:

In addition, it is possible that a case or case-related documents that were later sealed by court order could appear on the site. If a case or document was sealed post e-file and appears on the website:

  • For District Court cases, please contact the Travis County District Clerk’s office: [email protected].
  • For County Court at Law cases, please contact the Travis County Clerk’s Office: [email protected]
  • For Statutory Probate Court cases, please contact the Travis County Clerk’s Office: [email protected]

Attorneys can still access the clerks records free of charge via the following links:

Online access to Travis County District Court cases is now available!

AARO (Attorney Access to Records Online) allows attorneys and certified peace officers to:

  • Search both civil and criminal case records by party name or cause number
  • Review the list of filings on record in each case
  • View and print non-official documents in each case

If you are an attorney licensed by the State of Texas, active and eligible to practice law or certified peace officer by the State of Texas and would like to access AARO; download the attorney agreement form, and submit the completed document to the District Clerk’s office via email . A user name and password will be assigned to you once we process your request.

Once you have your user name and password, you may access the site:

  • Click the login button at the top or bottom of this page and enter your username/password when prompted.
  • This enables you to:
    • Review case information
    • Review and print non-official case related documents

When you log in, please review the Terms of Use link on the website periodically for updates.

Restricted and sealed cases are not available through the online search.

Information regarding these cases should be arranged in person at the District Clerks office, 1000 Guadalupe St. Austin, TX 78701, Room 103. (Please note that only persons specifically designated by statute or the Court’s Order will be allowed to view the file or specific parts of the file)

Texas Rules of Civil Procedure Sec. 21c (f) states:

(f) Restriction on Remote Access: Documents that contain sensitive data in violation of this rule must not be posted on the Internet.

Comment to 2013 Change: Rule 21c is added to provide privacy protection for documents filed in civil cases.

If you are unable to view a case in AARO, it is likely that one or more of the filings in the case contain sensitive data, the General Litigation/Government/Family case is older than 2004, or the Criminal case is older than 2008.

If you have any questions or issues logging into the site, please refer to the account/password management page.