Emergency Services

The Travis County Executive of Emergency Services oversees the Offices of Emergency Management, Fire Marshal, Technology and Communications, STAR Flight, and serves as liaison for the Commissioners Court with the Medical Examiner’s Office and the Emergency Services Districts (rural fire departments) throughout the County. The Emergency Services Department includes an executive assistant, contract specialist, financial analyst lead and public information officer. More...

Executive Staff

County Executive

Josh Davies | MA, CEM
(512) 854-4416

County Executive (Succession)

Danny Hobby
(512) 854-7954

Executive Assistant

Scarlett Myers
(512) 854-4785

Financial Manager

Christine Lego
(512) 854-4855

Emergency Services Liaison

Toby Fariss
(512) 854-4762

Public Information Officer (interim)

Josh Davies | MA, CEM
(512) 854-4416


Josh Davies | MA, CEM
County Executive

Contact Information

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