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The District Clerk of Travis County provides this Schedule of Court Costs and Fees for your convenience. The filing fees for civil cases is authorized by several statutes and is comprised of the following fees.

Documents and Forms

Requesting Administrative Records

  1. E-mail the Travis County District Clerk requesting to view the Administrative Record in office by using the e-mail [email protected].
    • The Subject Line of the e-mail must contain the following: "Request for Administrative Record (Cause Number and Party Names)"
    • Specify a requested time and date for viewing the record in office.
    • Note: 5 business days is required to process the request.
    • The requester will receive an e-mail confirming the following:
      • Whether the record is paper or electronic format;
      • If a portion of the record is on CD/USB/DVD, cost for a copy will be charged $40.00 or more (costs vary depending on size of record).
    • Copies are provided on a CD/USB/DVD.
    • The time and date to view the record at the District Clerk’s office located at Heman Marion Sweatt Courthouse, 1000 Guadalupe St. Room 103, Austin, TX.
  2. Pick-up or Mail:
    • An e-mail confirmation will be sent once the copy is ready for pick-up or the cost to mail the document using the USPS via Certified Mail.
  3. Questions:
    • Call 512/854-5885 and leave a message and a return call should occur within 2 business days.

District Courts Fee Schedule

Costs and Fees

Records Management Fee Civil $ 5.00
Security Service Fee Civil $ 5.00
District Clerk Records Management Preservation Fee $ 5.00
Appellate Judicial System $ 5.00
District Court Record Archive Fee $ 10.00
Alt Dispute Resol Fee Civil $ 15.00
Legal Services Indigent Fee Civil $ 10.00
Court Record Preservation Fee $ 10.00
Court Reporter Fee Civil $ 15.00
Civil Courthouse Fee $ 15.00 
State Fees - Electronic Filing Fees $ 30.00
Library Fee Dist Law Library $ 35.00
Judiciary Civil Filing Fee $ 42.00
Civil Fees District Clerk $ 50.00
State Filing Fee Non Family $ 50.00
Judicial and Education Fund $ 5.00
TOTAL $ 307.00

Fees for other pleadings or services can be found within the Government Code, Local Government Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, and Family Code.

How to use the Schedule of Court Costs

Instructions for Calculating Fees

This schedule separates the fees for filing of pleadings, issuance of citations, notices and writs, and the service of process in order to provide a clearer picture of the fee structure for each instrument. To calculate the amount of costs, please use the following formulas for each pleading filed or service requested.

Fee for pleading (if any) = $_____________

Issuance fees (if service requested)
Type of writ / citation Fee # Served
_____________ $______ x ______ = $_____________
_____________ $______ x ______ = $_____________
_____________ $______ x ______ = $_____________

Service fees (if Sheriff/Constable service requested)
_____________ $______ x ______ = $_____________
_____________ $______ x ______ = $_____________
_____________ $______ x ______ = $_____________

Jury Demand (if any) = $_____________

TOTAL $_____________

To ensure proper crediting, please pay fees for each cause of action separately.
If you have any questions about calculating court costs or fees, call (512) 854-9457.

How often do fees change?

Statutory fees are generally changed every odd-numbered year when the Texas Legislature meets. Fees set by Commissioners’ Court can be changed annually as part of the Travis County budget process.

Original Petitions

Charged when a new cause of action is filed

Original Petitions (Non-Family)
Registration of Foreign Judgment
Severed Cause of Action - Occupational License - Expunction - Non-Disclosure

1 - 10 Plaintiffs $ 307.00
11 - 25 Plaintiffs $ 332.00
26 - 100 Plaintiffs $ 357.00
101 - 500 Plaintiffs $ 382.00
500-1,000 Plaintiffs $ 407.00
Over 1,000 Plaintiffs $ 457.00

Motions and Pleadings

Charged when filed in an existing cause of action

Cross Action - Counterclaim - Intervention - Third Party Petition $ 80.00
Motion for Contempt $ 80.00
Rehearing / Motion for New Trial $ 80.00
Reconsideration Motion to Modify - Motion for Enforcement $ 70.00
Jury Demand $ 40.00

Issuance Fees

Does not include fee for service

Citation - Subpoena - Notices: Show Cause / Certified
Temporary Restraining Order - Writ of Attachment / Habeas Corpus
Abstract of Judgment - Execution - Possession - Order of Sale
Commission to Take Deposition / Letters Rogatory
$ 8.00
Writs: Garnishment - Sequestration
Citation through Secretary of State *
Citation through Insurance Commissioner *
Citation through Highway Commissioner *
$ 12.00

* The $12.00 issuance fee does not include any fee charge by the State Agency, which must be paid separately to the agency.

Service Fees

Collected on behalf of Travis County Constable

Citation (all types) - Subpoena - Notices: Show Cause/ Certified $ 80.00
Injunction - Garnishment - Restraining Order - Writ of Haveas $ 115.00
Writs: Attachment - Sequestration $ 155.00
Expunction  $ 25.00

* The $75.00 subpoena service fee does not include the $10.00 witness payment fee, which must be submitted separately.

Copies and Certified Copies

Charge is per page unless otherwise noted

Certified copy (from paper or mircofilm) $ 1.00 per page + $ 1.00 Certificate fee
Copy from public computers (uncertified) $ 1.00
Photocopy from public copier $ 0.75
Self-service microfilm copy $ 1.00
Docket Sheet print out cost per page $ 1.00

* Certified copies must be made from the original case record or microfilmed records by district clerk staff. Conformed copies cannot be certified.

We recommend copies of signed orders be obtained at the time they are submitted for filing. All orders are processed for microfilming immediately upon receipt and may not be readily available for one to two days after they are filed.

Records Search

Charge is assessed for each name, business name, or alias submitted

Civil litigation history (up to 10 year history) $ 5.00
Each additional year of litigation history searched $ 1.00
Search of case file or case history to locate a particular document $ 5.00

A records search request form is available online to help submit your search request.

Fees for Other Services

Additional Fees

Bond approval $ 4.00
Withdrawal of uninvested registry funds 5% of amount up to $ 50.00
Withdrawal of invested registry funds 10% of interest withdrawn
Passport Processing Fee (charged on all passport applications) $ 25.00
Passport application, applicant age 16 and over $ 110.00
Passport applicant, applicant under age 16 $ 80.00
Expedited Passport Fee $ 60.00
Returned Check Fee $ 30.00

Payment Methods

Unless the law provides otherwise, payment for services is made at the time the service is requested. Payment may be made by personal or business check, cashier's check, money order, Discover Card, Legalease, or direct draft (if enrolled in direct draft program).


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