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Economic Development & Strategic Investments

The Travis County Office of Economic Development & Strategic Investments (EDSI) manages the County’s economic development programs, County Corporations, real estate redevelopment opportunities, facilities and strategic planning, investment portfolio, and depository contract. EDSI seeks to create conditions for economic growth to improve quality of life and affordability, and address economic equity through the use of financing mechanisms beyond ad valorem taxes.

Investment Management

• Invest public funds for Travis County and Central Health
• Manage the depository contract
• Provide financial analysis for economic development transactions


• Issue taxable and tax-exempt bonds for qualifying projects
• Participate in financing of affordable housing projects
• Provide home down payment assistance to qualifying low-income residents

Economic & Strategic Planning

• Prepare and regularly update master plans at the campus level
• Manage the process for selection of a new Civil and Family Courts Complex site
• Manage the identification, review and reuse of underutilized county properties

Economic Development

• Manage the Chapter 381 Property Tax Rebate/Abatement Program
Manage Public Improvement Districts
• Research the use of the Venue Tax Statute

Planning & Budget

700 Lavaca, Suite #1560
Austin, Texas 78701 (Map)

Budget Staff

EDSI Staff

Phone: (512) 854-9106
Fax: (512) 854-4210