In January 2014, Commissioners Court updated the Economic Development Policy for Travis County. The purpose of the policy is as follows:

  • to encourage economic stimulation and prosperity by attracting new businesses to the County;
  • to enhance the County tax base by attracting new businesses that will make significant investments in new construction;
  • to assist with workforce development in the County by attracting companies that offer significant numbers of new jobs and/or training to current residents who are unemployed or under-employed;
  • to encourage diversity of the County's economy by attracting businesses that will contribute to the economy by broadening the scope of business and industry within the County; and
  • to attract significant new businesses that also help promote the growth of other new businesses needed to provide supporting services or supplies, particularly small companies.

Highlights of the full policy include :


  • Minimum new investment of $25 million
  • Does not transfer employment from one part of the County to another
  • Increase employment by a minimum of 100 employees
  • Be competitively-sited
  • Location in Desired Development Zone/Regional Activity Center
  • Have a human resources benefit policy, including domestic partners
  • $11 minimum salary, OSHA training and workers compensation insurance for construction workforce,
  • Provide Equal Employment Opportunity Policy

Incentives (Percentage of amount of property tax paid by the company is rebated back to the company. Total may not exceed 80%)

  • Investment 25%-45%
  • Jobs 6% to 15%
  • LEED Certification 2% to 5%
  • 50% of new positions should be filled with Travis County Residents 5%
  • Economically Disadvantaged Hiring/Training 10%
  • Hiring of construction workers who are veterans 10%
  • Hiring of construction workers who are economically disadvantaged 10%
  • Pay prevailing wage to construction workers 5%

These are the signed contracts with companies that have existing contracts with Travis County. They include any relevant amendments to the contracts approved by Commissioners Court

Summary of Economic Development Agreements



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