Jessica Rio, County Executive, (512) 854-4455

Travis Gatlin, Budget Director, (512) 854-9065

Alan Miller, Assistant Budget Director

(512) 854-9726

Civil Service Commission
Planning & Budget Office
Human Resources Mgmt
Budget Rules
Compensation and Benefits
Tax ad support
Vehicle Users Committee (Backup)
Elected Officials’ Salaries Liaison with HRMD
Indirect Cost Study
Budget Module Implementation
Grant Coordination
Tobacco Settlement

Katie Petersen Gipson, Senior Planning & Budget Analyst

(512) 854-9346

Communications and Records Services
Facilities Management/Exposition Center
Medical Examiner
Justice Planning
Juvenile Public Defender
Counseling & Education Services
Dispute Resolution Center
District Attorney
County Attorney
Pretrial Services
Security Committee
Integrated Justice System Support
Budget manual, forms
Capital Support

Aerin Pfaffenberger, Senior Planning & Budget Analyst

(512) 854-1160

Health and Human Services, The Veterans Services Office and Agri Life Extension
District Clerk
Legislative/Fiscal Note Coordination
Budget manual, forms
Debt issuance/debt model
Capital budget
(CAR, COs, State Highway and Voter-Approved Bonds)
Post Issuance Compliance Representative
Vehicle Users Committee
Legislative/Fiscal Note Coordination

Vacant, Planning & Budget Analyst


Will Cheatham, Planning & Budget Analyst I

(512) 854-8679

Emergency Services
Emergency Medical Services
County Clerk
Constables (Precincts 1-5)
Justices of the Peace (Precincts 1-5)

Caitlyn Wan, Planning & Budget Analyst I

(512) 854-4741

Commissioners Court
General Administration
Tax Office
Historical Commission
Juvenile Probation
Civil Courts
Criminal Courts
Probate Court
Grant Coordination
Legislative/Fiscal Note Coordination

Yolanda Aleman, Executive Assistant

(512) 854-9106

Chris Broussard, Business Analyst III

(512) 854-4456

Michael Chang, Business Analyst I

(512) 854-9336

Planning & Budget

700 Lavaca, Suite #1560
Austin, Texas 78701 (Map)

Budget Staff

EDSI Staff

Phone: (512) 854-9106
Fax: (512) 854-4210