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Jessica Rio, County Executive, (512) 854-4455

Travis Gatlin, Budget Director, (512) 854-9065

Alan Miller, Assistant Budget Director

(512) 854-9726

Travis County Sheriff's Office
Civil Service Commission
Planning & Budget Office
Justices of the Peace (Precinct 1-5)
Budget Rules
Vehicle Users Committee (Backup)
Budget Module Implementation

Katie Petersen Gipson, Senior Planning & Budget Analyst

(512) 854-9346

Information Technology Services
Communications and Records Services
Facilities Management
Justice Planning
Juvenile Public Defender
Counseling & Education Services
Dispute Resolution Center
Security Committee
Integrated Justice System Support
Capital Support
Budget Forms

Aerin Pfaffenberger, Senior Planning & Budget Analyst

(512) 854-1160

Transportation and Natural Resources
Health and Human Services
Constables (Precinct 1-5)
District Clerk
Capital Budget (CAR, COs, State Highway, and Voter-Approved Bonds)
Post Issuance Compliance Representative
Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)
Vehicle Users Committee

Alex Vlahodimitropoulos, Planning & Budget Analyst I

(512) 854-1764

Juvenile Probation
Veterans Services Office
Human Resources Management
Historical Commission
Grant Coordination
Legislative/Fiscal Note Coordination
Compensation and Benefits
Tobacco Settlement
Indirect Cost Study
Elected Officials' Salaries

Caitlyn Wan, Planning & Budget Analyst I

(512) 854-4741

Civil Courts
Criminal Courts
Probate Courts
District Attorney
County Attorney
Commissioners Court
General Administration
Tax Office
Budget Manual
Legislative/Fiscal Note Coordination
Training Manual for New Analysts

Timothy Knoedler, Planning & Budget Analyst I

(512) 854-1763

Emergency Services
Emergency Medical Services
Medical Examiner
Pretrial Services

Vacant, Planning & Budget Analyst I

Yolanda Aleman, Executive Assistant

(512) 854-9106

Chris Broussard, Business Analyst III

(512) 854-4456

SAP Support
Reports Development
Budget Module Implementation
Budget Process Protocols, Forms, Manual, Rules, Documents Support
Compensation, Benefits & Payscale

Michael Chang, Business Analyst I

(512) 854-9336

SAP Support
Budget Process Protocols, Forms, Manual, Rules, Documents Support
Compensation, Benefits & Payscale

Planning & Budget

700 Lavaca, Suite #1560
Austin, Texas 78701 (Map)

Budget Staff

EDSI Staff

Phone: (512) 854-9106
Fax: (512) 854-4210