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Force 6 Safety Products Inc. Helo-Rescuer PFD

The newest addition to our water rescue gear is this custom-designed personal flotation device (PFD) and is worn by our rescue swimmers during swift water rescue operations. It provides many elements including superior flotation, and integrated lifting harness with high-point attachments, and revolutionary Molle® loops for attaching rescue gear. This vest is lightweight and designed specifically for operating in this hazardous environment.

LSC Water Rescue Litter

Similar to the Bauman Bag, this is a flotation/extraction device that is specifically designed to secure an injured victim during short haul and hoist water rescue operations. With the LSC Litter, we are able to safely secure victims to a load-rated floating backboard while maintaining cervical spine protection. This device is intended for still-water operations only.

LSC Quick Strop

This extraction device is used by our rescue swimmers to rapidly secure and extract victims from any number of environments or situations. It is quickly placed over the victim's shoulders and under their arms, cinched tightly around their chest and attached directly to the short haul line or hoist cable.

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Ops-Core Water Rescue Helmet

This helmet is worn by our rescue swimmers during still or swift water rescue missions.

LSC Tri SAR Rescue Swimmer Vest and Harness

This full body class 3 rescue harness with integrated vest and flotation is worn by our rescue swimmers during flat water rescue missions. During swift water rescue missions, the harness may be worn with the flotation and vest removed to allow for a PFD to be worn.

Mustang® MSD660 Dry Suit

This suit made from Kevlar and extremely durable nylon is worn by our rescue swimmers during swift and cold water rescue missions. It provides a great deal of abrasion and thermal protection for our rescuers. It is also utilized heavily in flood operations due to it contaminant protection.

US Divers Rescue Swimmer SAR Shredder Fins

These fins are worn by our rescue swimmers during flat water and some swift water rescue missions. They are designed to provide controlled propulsion for short distances and because of their short fin length and boot-like traction sole they are less difficult to wear during on-shore operations.

Aqua Lung Rocket Fins

These fins are available to be worn by our rescue swimmers during flat water rescue missions. They are designed to provide maximum propulsion for longer distances.

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LSC Dive Mask and J-type Snorkel

During water rescue missions, our rescue swimmers utilize variety of dive masks and snorkels giving them the ability to see and breathe during patient securing, periods of down wash, and swift water.

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