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STAR Flight has joined with four Austin-area hospitals and their respective Specialty Transport Teams to create the first 24-hour neonatal, pediatric, and High-risk OB (HROB) air transport service in Central Texas. These transports have united critically ill or injured neonates and pediatric patients with the advanced medical services and personnel available at Dell Children’s Medical Center, Seton Medical Center, St. David’s Medical Center, and University Medical Center at Brackenridge.

The purpose of these Specialty Transport Teams is to stabilize and transport infant, pediatric, or high risk obstetrical patients with illnesses or injuries that lie beyond the institutional capabilities of hospitals in the surrounding communities. They are typically brought to one of the Intensive Care Units at Seton Medical Center, St. David’s Medical Center, Dell Children's Medical Center, or the Emergency Department at University Medical Center at Brackenridge.

The teams are made up of registered nurses and respiratory therapists under the direction of Neonatologists or Pediatric Intensivists. Each member of these teams has specialized in the care of two of the most unique populations in all of medicine - the critically ill or injured neonate and pediatric patient. These specialty transport nurses and respiratory therapists are trained and experienced in the myriad of procedures, skills, and medications regarding providing advanced life support and critical care for neonates and pediatric patients, including airway management and central line placement.

The personnel at STAR Flight see the relationships Dell Children's Medical Center, Seton Medical Center, and St. David’s Medical Center as further evidence of the program’s commitment “to putting patients first in our desire to be a premier air medical service.”

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The process of joining these exceptional medical teams together was not always easy and included cross training for both staffs. While taking a few years to realize, the laborious process has been the product of all the organizations’ commitment to excellence and the provision of the best possible care for all of their patients. No patients in all of medicine are more vulnerable than neonates and pediatric patients. Now, those babies who are born in the surrounding counties without advanced neonatal services and those children with critical illnesses or injuries that tax the local capabilities will be united with needed specialized therapies and clinicians in Austin in the most rapid manner possible.

Neonatal Transport Teams: Dell Children’s Medical Center, St. David's Medical Center
Pediatric Transport Team: Dell Children's Medical Center
High-risk OB Transport Teams: St. David's Medical Center, University Medical Center at Brackenridge

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Charles Brotherton
County Executive

Chuck Spangler
Program Director

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