Aerial TacAir Survival Vest with Extraction

This modular survival vest with integrated full-body harness and flotation is used by our crew members for daily operations including medical, fire suppression and land rescue missions. It can be used for rappel, short haul or direct hoist operations and provides the crew member with superior gear carrying ability. 

Cascade Rescue Heli-Bag

The Cascade Rescue StableFlight helicopter rescue bag is the next generation in rescue technology.  Developed in cooperation with our European partners Tyromont, the StableFlight helicopter rescue bag allows for transportation of an injured person while completely enclosed and protected. This technology is ideal for use in both the helicopter and high incline situations, as well as hoist or short haul operations. 

Tyromont Ultra-Tuff Vacuum Mattress

This vacuum mattress is specifically designed for ski patrols, mountain and helicopter rescue. This system provides immobilization, allowing precise and careful molding by one person, including an automatic, self-closing valve. Rescuers place this vacuum mattress inside the Cascade Rescue StableFlight helicopter rescue bag in lieu of using a back board.  Vacuum mattresses have been shown to provide superior stabilization, while reducing the likelihood of patients developing pressure sores attributed to laying on a hard back board.

PMI Hasty Harness

This extraction device is used to secure victims from various land based environments and situations. It is used when the victim requires extraction, but the situation is not immediately life-threatening and no spinal injuries are suspected.

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