Goodrich® External Electric Rescue Hoist

This device is used to place a rescuer in a specific location and to extract our rescuers and victims during rescue operations.  The hoist system was installed on the aircraft in October 2007 and the first hoist rescue took place on March 21, 2008. The hoist system continues to provide us with a reliable and efficient rescue resource.

CMC Rescue Short Haul Line

This 75 ft. 9/16" 14,000 lbs. rated rescue rope is used during short haul operations. It is attached to the cargo hook system located on the belly of the aircraft and is deployed by the Crew Chief from inside the cabin. With the introduction of this specially-designed lightweight rope, Star Flight has moved to a single line deployment system.

SEI Industries Bambi Bucket®

The Bambi Bucket® allows Star Flight to assist in wildland fire suppression. The bucket attaches to the cargo hook system mounted to the belly of the aircraft and is then flown to a nearby water source. Since we are able to fill the bucket in as little 3 feet of water, finding a water source is usually not an issue. After the bucket is lowered into the water source and is full, it is flown to the active burn area where communication between the Crew Chief and pilot result in direct drops of water.

Hoist Support Equipment by Zephyr International

Zephyr International Hoist Support Equipment to include the hoist cable magnetic inspection system (MagSens™), mobile ground support equipment, AxelCut™ and QuickSplice™ which provide us with superior cable protection and safety.

Yates Rescue ATR Strap

This safety device is used by our Crew Chiefs and Rescuers during rescue and fire operations to allow them maneuverability both inside and outside the aircraft while keeping them secured to a hard point inside the cabin.

Spectrolab SX-5E Starburst® Searchlight

STAR Flight pilots direct this 20 million candle power search light to provide enhanced visibility during NVG-aided SAR, Law, and Medical missions.

Fireflex Pumpkin Tank

Designed for compatibility with the Bambi Bucket, the Pumpkin Tank is the standard in helicopter bucketing operations.  The Pumpkin Tank can also be used as a portable water reservoir for fire departments and forest fire control agencies. The Fireflex tank is carried on the aircraft and can be deployed as needed at the fire ground.

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