The UH-1H+ Huey has been in service since 2013 for firefighting missions and other appropriate public missions, approved by management as the need arises. These particular aircraft are widely used on wildland fires and can be equipped with a 350 gallon fixed tank as compared to the current Bambi-Bucket capacity of 125 gallons. A fixed tank eliminates the concern of a cargo hook attached Bambi Bucket over urban environments. This aircraft can also be used to transport fire fighters, emergency personnel and equipment during other disasters or Homeland Security events. The UH-1H has even been used to rescue up to 11 citizens during flood times.


Josh Davies | MA, CEM
County Executive

Casey Ping
Chief Deputy/Director of Emergency Medical Services/STAR Flight
(512) 854-6460

Chuck Spangler
Director of Aviation
(512) 854-3708

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