Tempus Pro Monitors

Tempus Pro™ is an advanced vital signs monitor that is ground-breaking in size, weight, ruggedness, functionality, ease of use, flexibility and scalability. Tempus Pro incorporates all the integrated features and capabilities expected in a vital signs monitor whilst being smaller and lighter than similar transport monitors, with a longer battery life and water and solid object ingress protection rating of IP66. It is also the only pre-hospital monitor of its kind able to offer the full set of Masimo rainbow® parameters. The monitor is operated through an intuitive and easy to use and navigate touch-screen interface; this means display configurations and alarm settings are easy to use and configure.  The versatility and scalability of the monitor allows us to stay up to date on new monitoring innovations without losing our current capability. 

Packed Red Blood Cells (Human blood product)

Packed red blood cells (PRBCs), also called "packed cells," are a preparation of red blood cells that are transfused to critically ill patients to correct low blood levels. This is typically reserved for the most critically ill trauma and medical patients to increase the amount of hemoglobin in the blood that can carry oxygen. This is done as a cooperative program with the Trauma Services Program of University Medical Center at Brackenridge and Dell Children’s Medical Center, the local Level I Trauma Centers.

Zoll "X series" Monitor/Defibrillator

This is the heart monitor/defibrillator that is most commonly utilized by Star Flight crew members during patient care. This device can monitor the electrical rhythm of a patient’s heart, check blood pressure, monitor the amount of oxygen in the patient’s blood and their respiratory status, and deliver an electrical shock to slow or increase heart rate or to correct irregular rhythms associated with cardiac arrest.

CareFusion ReVel PTV series transport ventilator

The ReVel ventilator is utilized by Star Flight crew members to artificially breathe for patients who are seriously ill or injured. That process most often involves attaching the ventilator to a plastic breathing tube that has been placed into the patient's windpipe. This particular ventilator has a wide range of additional options that can be used to assist patients who are breathing on their own, but require some support to help their lungs work effectively.

IVAC Medsystem III Infusion IV Pump

This compact device allows us to administer up to three different medications simultaneously through intravenous (IV) lines. We use this most often when transferring a patient from one hospital to another.

Zoll AutoPulse

The ZOLL AutoPulse is a revolutionary non-invasive cardiac support pump that moves more blood, more consistently than is possible with manual compressions. Easy to use and battery operated, its load-distributing LifeBand squeezes the entire chest. As a result, victims receive more consistent, high-quality compressions than those delivered by simple automated CPR devices, which means improved blood flow.

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