It's often been said that a career at STAR Flight is more of a lifestyle than a job. With all the training and educational demands and the realities of working and covering for each other in a small program, it can be easy to lose the personalities behind the uniforms. Our constant focus on "scooping and swooping" leaves us little time to get to know YOU, the emergency responders, nurses, practitioners and the everyday citizens of Central Texas.

But we want you to know that behind the tan flight suits are personalities! People with families, hobbies, history and lives. People that work hard, play hard and love to help others.



  • Ryan Baker
  • Jason Greene
  • Marc Jones
  • Ryan Kelly
  • Andrew Pohl
  • Jim Reid
  • Drew Stringer
  • Rudy Hernandez


  • John Jacobsen
  • Robert Pado
  • Bryan Franklin

Flight Paramedics

  • Bill Hanson
  • Brian Hoffower
  • Stephen Maier
  • Clay Preston
  • Mike Summers
  • Scott White
  • John Hamilton
  • Patrick Brennan

Flight Nurses

  • James Esquivel
  • Jason Freitag
  • Brian Hill
  • Ashley Reinert
  • Jennifer Roberts
  • Rita Sears
  • Ashley Voss-Liebig
  • Erick Ullman


emergency services badge

Charles Brotherton
County Executive

Chuck Spangler
Program Director

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