Few conditions are as difficult in flying as working in and around bad weather. While STAR Flight pilots and crews will never place our aircraft in a known hazardous area, the turbulent and rapidly changing weather conditions in Central Texas frequently require decisive and rapid course alterations.

All of the EMS/SAR aircraft are equipped with color weather radar monitors allowing us to "see" into and around weather systems. The display available to aircrews is very similar to that on internet and TV weather radar monitors, illustrating and highlighting areas of rain and moisture in easily identifiable colors of green, yellow, red, and purple. These colors indicate the intensity or severity of the weather system. The monitors also detect and display lightning strikes.

Enhancing the ability to accurately determine the presence and severity of weather gives our crews the ability to more safely move around the weather and continue our mission to save lives - anytime, anywhere, and in any environment.

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Charles Brotherton
County Executive

Chuck Spangler
Program Director

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