Eligible participants must meet both legal and clinical criteria in order to move their case forward. Once the case is deemed eligible, the potential participant is required to attend a court orientation session. During this session, the judge will either accept or deny the case.

Legal Criteria:

  • Persons who are charged with a felony drug related offense;
  • Persons with no evidence of significant and substantial drug dealing;
  • Persons who are without holds from other jurisdictions (persons may petition the court if pending hold is later resolved) and is otherwise eligible for personal bond release;
  • Persons without other pending criminal offenses (other than Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Marijuana or Possession of Dangerous Drug charges arising out of the same incident as the case being reviewed for Drug Court);
  • Persons not currently on Felony Probation or Parole;
  • Persons who do not have prior convictions for crimes of violence or demonstrates a trend towards violence;
  • Persons must live within Travis County;
  • Persons not previously in the Travis County Drug Diversion Court.

NOTE: The District Attorney has final review of entry criteria. Any defendant who is interested in entering the program but does not meet the above criteria can appeal to the Review Committee.

Clinical Criteria:

  • Persons are not suicidal or homicidal or medically unstable;
  • Persons must volunteer for the program and;
  • Persons must be assessed as having a Substance Use Disorder.

NOTE: When the clinical assessment indicates alcohol is the primary drug of choice, that person will be deemed inappropriate for the program.

Rodolfo Pérez, Jr., Director

Sharon Caldwell-Hernandez,Program Administrator

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