Statement of Purpose

We, the staff of Travis County Community Justice Services, are a dynamic organization with a shared professional identity through our unified goals and values. We are committed to using research to inform our decision making and organizational development. We endeavor to make our communities safer, assist those who fall victim to crime, and facilitate positive behavior change. We strive for excellence through principles embodied in this statement.

We are a unique organization

Our profession is distinguished by the unique responsibilities that require:

  • An evolving and diverse knowledge base of law and human behavior
  • A combination of skills in providing investigation, assessment, supervision, and treatment services to our clients
  • An obligation to facilitate community safety by positively improving the lives of clients and holding them accountable for their actions

These are the goals that matter to us

  • Upholding the constitutional principles of the presumption of innocence and the right against excessive bail for pretrial defendants by appropriately balancing community safety and assuring court appearance with the protection of individual liberties
  • Assisting the court in making fair decisions regarding pretrial release, treatment, sentencing and supervision by providing objective investigations, reports and recommendations
  • Protecting the community and reducing victimization by helping the client live a productive life through the balanced use of supervision and therapeutic interventions driven by validated assessments
  • Providing restitution to the victim and community through the collection of court-mandated fees and community service

We believe these values are critical to our mission

  • Conducting ourselves with integrity and being accountable to ourselves, our peers and those we serve
  • Creating a culture of transparency, trust, and respect that promotes confidence in the organization’s character and competence
  • Committing to learning and advancing the mission, vision, and values of the organization
  • Believing in the humanity of clients and the possibility of change
  • Collaborating with colleagues and stakeholders
  • Using and developing the best available research to inform decision making at all levels of the organization

FY 2017 Fact Sheet

Contact Information

Rodolfo Pérez, Jr.

Daniel McCoy-Bae
Assistant Director

Pretrial Services

Drug Diversion Court

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