Update for the Steiner Ranch Area Emergency Evacuation Route Project

Travis County is continuing to study options for a route that would improve exit times during an evacuation in the Steiner Ranch Area to provide needed options for residents as well as First Responders. 

Due to the amount of interest in the project, a community discussion may occur in March or April 2019.  A traffic study is underway and expected to be available at the community discussion.

We greatly appreciate the feedback that has already been received and look forward to more discussion as we continue to study the options.  Thank you for your interest in this Steiner Ranch safety project.

Steiner Ranch Area Evacuation Route Design

The Steiner Ranch Area Evacuation Route Design is a capital improvement project proposed to provide an additional evacuation route out of the Steiner Ranch area neighborhoods. This project is located in Travis County Precinct Two. The proposed funding is by 2017 Certificate of Obligation bonds.

Project Goals

Work with the community to balance needs, priorities and constraints to develop a feasible option that enhances safety and reduces evacuation time for the area.

Project Limits

Project Status

Over the past months we have evaluated more than 12 routes and are moving to finalize a route for recommendation. Travis County TNR staff kicked off the project May 2018. An OPEN HOUSE was held on August 9, 2018 to present the routes under consideration to the community, and provide information on what the route alignments are based. After the OPEN HOUSE, the project team reviewed the community feedback and comments, and further refined the routes based on cost, constructability, safety, topography, traffic shaving, feedback and other considerations. A meeting was held September 5, 2018 to discuss the project and comments with First Responders. In early December 2018, we reached out to the Community with a final list of three routes for consideration, resulting from the First Responders discussion,  December 11, 2018 meeting presentation We expect to host another community discussion in March or April 2019. 

A few facts about the project:

  • Route alternates under consideration are located in the NW area of the project limits. This area is advantageous for several reasons: close proximity to RM 620, and lesser safety concerns due to existing terrain and wildfire fuel. A westerly location can minimize conflicts with existing exits. Updated Steiner Ranch Evacuation Route Alternates Map
  • The emergency route will consist of two (2) travel lanes.
  • The emergency route will have controlled access, probably by gates and closed to public travel at all times, except during an emergency event with the exception of Route F. Route F may be proposed for continuous public use.
  • During an event, the emergency route will be used and controlled as directed by the emergency services incident commander.
  • Any route considered is intended to provide emergency responders with an option that they can use in various ways depending upon the type and location of an emergency event. The intent is to maximize the flexibility of the route so emergency responders can utilize it to best meet their needs.
  • Route alternates are currently in pre-schematic form and will not require removal of existing homes. Due to development in the area, some Route options may not move forward, Routes B and C. Routes B1 and C1 would change.
  • Any routes that may cross the Balcones Canyon Land Preserve are not a consideration for this project. Balcones Canyon Land Preserve lands (BCP) are federally protected lands that cannot be crossed with a road and cannot be developed in any way. All BCP lands are shaded in green in the attached map for reference.
  • Crossings over Lake Austin were ruled out due to extreme costs and terrain issues. (there is a large bluff on the south side of the river that makes any bridge structure extremely tall and too costly). Furthermore, these crossings must also cross the BCP lands, which as indicated above is not allowed.

Public Outreach

Stay Updated

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Travis County wants to hear from residents and business owners who live, work and play in the Steiner Ranch neighborhood area. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the project, or would like to be included in project email communications, please email

Next open house is expected in March or April 2019. 

Public Communication

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Project Decision Matrix


Anticipated Timeline*

anticipated timeline subject to change. 2018 is preliminary design. 2019 is design. 2021 to 2022 is construction.

View PDF version of anticipated timeline.


Proposed funding is by 2017 Certificate of Obligation bonds.

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