Waste management is only one piece of a holistic outlook on how governments can save material and be fiscally responsible.

Travis County is full of innovative people managing many forward-thinking programs that focus on conserving resources and protecting the quality of the environment.


Air Quality

Travis County is a leader of Air Quality initiatives and administers several air improvement programs for our citizens like the AirCheck Texas (Need Link) vehicle purchase and repair rebate program and constables cracking down on counterfeit vehicle inspection stickers. Travis County also demonstrates its leadership through advocacy of air quality legislation and promotes alternate transportation, helping you find way to get around besides all alone in your car.


Water Quality

The heart of Travis County is its waterways, in our lakes, rivers, creeks and streams. Our water not only falls from the sky and flows along the ground, it rests in deep aquifers and bubbles up through natural springs. Although Travis County is an agent for enforcing water quality protection requirements, it is also a partner working very closely with other agencies and our community to protect and improve our water, perhaps our most valuable resource.


Energy Conservation

Travis County uses a lot of energy plugging in, ventilating and lighting about 2,214,681 square feet in over 65 buildings, offices and parking garages. New technologies and smarter ways to work help use less and we are building and working more efficiently. As a supporter in energy conservation the county promotes Green Building, energy saving equipment and LED lighting initiatives.


Resource Recovery (Recycling)

Travis County now has single-stream recycling available at all operational facilities, yet we still can't recycle everything we use at every location. We provide many diverse services to our citizens accommodate our diverse waste streams, too. We are working hard to provide as many ways to recycle as possible ... and develping programs to help us learn how to consume fewer materials and create less waste.

A quarterly report is provided to the County and Commissioners with details on county’s operational waste generation and diversion.



In partnership with our long term goal of thinking about our resources before we use them, Travis County is dedicated to reuse and recycle of those resources when we do! Check out our recycling and reuse statistics page to see how we are doing.

Federal and local jurisdictions also are doing their share to educate, inform and be better stewards of our resources.

Check out this cool infographic from the EPA about municipal solid waste and how small changes can have a big impact on our environment.