The Coordinating Committee is the governing body that directs the implementation and administration of the USFWS regional 10(a) permit known as the Balcones Canyonlands Conservation Plan (BCCP). The Coordinating Committee was created by a 1995 Interlocal Agreement and is composed of one representative from each of the permit holding entities, Travis County and the City of Austin. A representative of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service and a Secretary appointed by the Committee members sit with the Coordinating Committee in an advisory, non-voting capacity. Proposals to the Coordinating Committee that require amendments to the County/City Interlocal Agreement and/or the BCCP must also be submitted to Travis County Commissioners Court, Austin City Council, and USFWS for approval.

The current BCCP Coordinating Committee members are:

  • City of Austin: District 7 Council Member Leslie Pool
  • Travis County: Pct. 2 Commissioner Brigid Shea

The Coordinating Committee routinely meets on a quarterly basis, though any Committee member may call for additional meetings. Information about the next scheduled Coordinating Committee meeting can be found online.

Two advisory committees were established to support the BCCP Coordinating Committee. The Citizens Advisory Committee is composed of representatives from the local business community, landowners, recreational/user groups, conservation organizations, and representatives from City of Austin Boards and Commissions. The Scientific Advisory Committee consists of local science experts in various fields associated with endangered species research and habitat management.

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These Advisory Committees serve the Coordinating Committee by providing review and oversight of implementation of the permit terms and conditions, by ensuring adherence to the best and most current science as it relates to endangered species and habitat management, and by providing a forum for public input.

For more information about the BCCP Coordinating Committee, please contact us.

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