Since the County’s Purchasing function is governed by Chapter 262 of the Texas Local Government Code, known more commonly as The County Purchasing Act, there are some unique aspects to County purchasing.

The foremost item of importance to remember is that the County Purchasing Office is the only agency authorized to perform Purchasing on the County's behalf. The County is not responsible for orders that are placed outside of the Purchasing Office.

You should...

  1. Request and obtain a Purchase Order Number from the County prior to delivering items or performing services.
  2. Reference the Purchase Order Number on your invoice.
  3. Obtain a legible signature, the name and telephone number from the individual receiving the goods or services on behalf of the ordering department.
  4. Follow up with user department staff to make sure items and services delivered have been received in the system.

You should NOT...

  1. Accept verbal orders placed by an employee outside the Purchasing Office.
  2. Accept orders without a Purchase Order Number.
  3. Modify orders unless the Purchasing Office has issued an amendment to the Purchase Order.
  4. Invoice for items that have not been delivered.