"Targeting Teens & Tweens and Their Decisions About Alcohol"

"Busted" is an alcohol awareness video depicting a day in the life of a detainee at the Travis County Gardner Betts Juvenile Justice Facility.

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Alcohol robs youth of their ability to think and react.
Young people who use alcohol are more likely to be victims or perpetrators of violence, engage in unplanned and unprotected sex, experience school failure, or be seriously injured from driving or engaging in other risky behavior while impaired.
Teens/tweens often give various reasons for using alcohol, including: to feel grown-up, to fit in and belong, to relax and feel good, to take risks and rebel and to satisfy curiosity.
Middle school students are especially vulnerable as they prepare for the transition to high school. In high school, peer pressure and the availability of alcohol often intensifies.

"Busted" is a locally produced video. It explores the experience teens face when they are detained at the Gardner/Betts Juvenile Justice Facility. The program is free and is best suited for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students and alternate programs for high risk youth.

The "Busted" presentation offered by the Travis County Comprehensive Underage Drinking Prevention and Education Program focuses on the consequences that result from the choices teens/tweens make about alcohol. "Busted" educates youth on the impact their actions have on themselves and others (victims and the community). The program also serves as an early prevention tool for underage DWI.

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