Insufficient Checks

NOTE: For insufficient checks, prior notification by merchants is required in all cases!

  • Mail out the certified letter if the amount of the check is $150.00 or more. On checks below $150.00, a letter sent by regular mail is adequate.
  • While waiting 10 days for the return of the green card, you should try to contact the the individual who wrote the check by telephone.

Account Closed

No notification is required if the check is marked "Account Closed".

Do NOT take a replacement check.
You know there are not sufficient funds in the account, therefore, the individual who wrote the check has not defrauded you if you accept a replacement check.

Do Not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES accept payment on the check after filing in our office.
Acceptance of the restitution by you or your employee shifts responsibility for payment of the statutory fees to you.

If you receive restitution through the mail, please contact our office immediately.