Hot Check

"Hot Checks" cost everybody money. Merchants in Travis County lose thousands of dollars each year and are forced to raise their prices in an attempt to cover their losses from "Hot Checks". Nationwide figures show that one of the major contributors to inflation is loss from theft. Many people have, at one time or another, written a hot check and fail to realize that writing an insufficient check is theft with a weapon, but it is still theft and your loss.

The objective of this web site is to attempt to stop this cost spiral resulting from theft in our community by informing you of how to help us enforce the law regarding "Hot Checks". We have summarized information we hope will assist you in determining the agency that will best serve you. We will also explain the criteria for each agency and their policies.

It is our belief that all of us who live here are in this together. As with any group of people engaged in a common undertaking, the more we cooperate, the more successful we will all be.