National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism –

Focus on college drinking. Information for campus health administrators, college presidents, community leaders, high school guidance counselors, media, parents, RA/peer educators, and students to change the culture.

Center for Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws

The Training Center has been funded by OJJDP to provide training, technical assistance, and resource materials. The goal of the Training Center is to provide science-based, practical, and effective training and technical assistance to states and communities involved in enforcing underage alcohol access and use laws.

Center for the Science in the Public Interest Alcohol Policies Project

Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth

The Center at Georgetown University monitors the marketing practices of the alcohol industry to focus attention and action on industry practices that jeopardize the health and safety of America's youth.

Face – Truth and Clarity on Alcohol

The mission of FACE is to provide truth to the public about alcohol-related problems and clarity on actions that can be taken to reduce those problems.

Harvard School of Public Health–

College Alcohol Study Examines key issues in college alcohol abuse including: the tradition of heavy drinking on college campuses, the role of fraternities and sororities and athletics, the relationship of state alcohol control measures and college policies to this behavior, along with the role easy access to alcohol and low prices play.

Alcohol Cost Calculator for Kids

Tabulates and provides reports youth drinking problems and lack of treatment with locally-relevant data. The Calculator crunches data from huge federal epidemiological databases, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health and the National Co-Morbidity Survey

Project Ignition

Sponsored by State Farm® and coordinated by the National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC), Project Ignition gives students, grades 9-12, and their teachers the chance to work together to address the issue of teen driver safety by creating and producing an innovative public awareness and service-learning projects.

You're Not Alone

A 9-minuted video that speaks directly to children of alcoholics.

Kids Talk to Kids About Alcohol

A tri-fold brochure that uses actual drawings and quotes from children ages 9 to 11 to stimulate thought and discussion about alcohol and its effects.

Just 4 Kids

A Web site geared specifically for children of alcoholics to learn about a variety of issues.

Keep Kids Alcohol Free: Strategies for Action: Leadership To Keep Children Alcohol Free

A call-to-action booklet based on how to protect children.

Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence

A comprehensive, positive youth development and prevention program designed for classroom and schoolwide implementation in grades six through eight with 10 to 14 year olds.

Project Alert: RAND/BEST Foundation for a Drug-Free Tomorrow

A drug prevention curriculum for 11 to 14 year olds that dramatically reduces both the onset and regular use of harmful substances most likely to be used by children in this age group.

Free Vibe

National Youth Ant-Drug Media Campaign, Office of National Drug Control Policy. Get the facts about Alcohol and other drugs, hear from celebrities, and talk to other teens about their “anti-drugs”.

National Clearinghouse on Alcohol and Drug Information:

Provides teens with a wealth of information about alcohol and drugs.

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

Tips for Teens: The Truth About Alcohol:

Does your friend have an alcohol or other drug program?

What can do you to help? A guide for teens.

If Someone Close…

Has a problem with alcohol or other drugs.

Making the Link: Underage Drinking and Violence

Violence Fact Sheet

Making the Link: Underage Drinking and Mental Health

Mental Health Fact Sheet

The School Zone- Office of National Drug Control Policy:

This site provides links to many web sites for teens, including those that provide factual information about safety issues as well positive and negative influences on your health.

National Network of Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities

Join Together Online