Payroll checks are ordinarily issued for services already rendered. This makes it difficult to file them as theft cases. However, if the person who signed the check can be identified, it can be filed as an issuance case.

What to do when taking a payroll check from an employee.

Follow the procedures for all TWO-PARTY CHECKS:

  • Make sure the signature on the check is legible. Have the employee/passer tell you the name and print it on the check.
  • Determine whether the employee can identify the maker. If he says yes, indicate so with a mark on the face of the check.
  • If the check bounces attempt to verify which person actually signed the check (an admission by the signer is what is desirable).

Remember: Two Parties = Two Identifications.

What to do when taking a payroll check from your company.

  • The employee should determine who signed the check and print the signer's name on the check.
  • Find out the name, address and telephone number of the signer and keep a written record of it.
  • If there is suspicion that the employer's check may not be good, contact the bank and if there are sufficient funds, cash the check immediately at the bank. If there are not sufficient funds, confront the employer immediately.

DO NOT DELAY in bringing the check in for collection.