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To be contacted when a person is being released from jail

Texas VINE: Victim Information And Notification Everyday
(877) 894-8463

VINE provides basic jail custody information and will call you before a suspect is released from jail. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in English or Spanish
To Register your telephone number or email, go online or call the toll-free number.
(Please note, that the court notification service is not currently available, call your local prosecutor’s office.)

To find Travis County inmate information & criminal charge information

Travis County Jail (Del Valle and all Austin/Travis County jail facilities)
(512) 854-9033 (#1 English, #2 Spanish)
To find out inmate charge and jail information for Travis County or call (512) 854-9033.

To find out about a criminal prosecution of a misdemeanor crime

Travis County Attorney’s Office (Prosecutes Misdemeanor Crimes)
(512) 854-9498 or (512) 854-9415

This office can assist you in obtaining a 2-year Protection Order and can inform you about a misdemeanor criminal case, such as Assault Family Violence or Driving While Intoxicated cases.

County Attorney’s Office, Project Options Hotline
(512) 854-4423

Project Options is a free 2-hour discussion to increase a person’s understanding of the criminal justice system, issues regarding violence, patterns of abuse, resources and options for leaving an abusive partner. Additionally, the County Attorney will not consider dismissing a misdemeanor family violence assault case without a certificate of completion from Project Options.

To find out about a criminal prosecution of a felony crime

Travis District Attorney’s Office (Prosecutes Felony Crimes)
(512) 854-9400

Other resources

Family Violence Protection Team
(512) 974-8535

This number will reach detectives and victim counselors assigned to APD family violence cases.

Memorize this number! (512) 267-SAFE (7233)
This is a 24-hour hotline for the battered women’s shelter and rape crisis center. If you ever feel alone, scared or just need to talk with someone immediately, call this number.

Texas Advocacy Project, Inc.
Legal Hotlines (512) 476-5770 or (512) 476-1866
Legal questions and referrals on family law matters, including divorce and custody.

Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid
(888) 988-9996
Provides free civil legal assistance to low-income Texans. If you qualify, TRLA can help you with a divorce and/or protective order.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
(512) 445-4976

outstanding warrant for arrest (PAVC)
(512) 453-5771 or (512) 837-PAVC
Provide advocacy, criminal justice information and assistance to victims of crime.

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

TDCJ Offender Information Online

Austin Police Department

Search Austin Police Department to determine if a person has an outstanding warrant for arrest

Search Austin Police Department to find a public offense report

APD Incident searches may be accomplished using several geographic boundaries: Police area commands or districts, zip codes and census tracts. Additionally, a known case number may be entered. Updates to the police report database occur daily. Information is available from today’s date back 18 months.

Texas Department of Public Safety

Sex Offender Database - (features include search by zip code)

Texas Conviction Database - (for criminal histories - requires a charge)