Targeting Teens and their Decisions about Alcohol

"Why Risk It" is an alcohol awareness video depicting what happens in the legal system when an 18-year-old is arrested for DWI, and also explores other tragic outcomes of underage drinking.
Excerpts from the program video.

More about the program

Our young people are dying needlessly.

The alcohol involvement rate for young drivers is twice that of the over 21 age group.

Alcohol is a drug, and there is a link between underage drinking and other social issues such as truancy, binge drinking, unplanned sexual encounters, teen pregnancy, fetal alcohol syndrome, HIV exposure, gang/juvenile crime, alcohol poisoning and date rape.

Many teenagers find the general acceptance of alcohol by society confusing and hypocritical, especially as it is forbidden to them by law. Despite this, alcohol is not difficult for teenagers to come by.

"Why Risk It" is a locally produced video exploring legal consequences and other tragic outcomes resulting from underage drinking. The presentation is free, and is best suited for groups of 20-60 students.

The Underage Drinking Prevention Program offers this popular and educationally effective program as a preventive measure for the Travis County Community. Our program is housed in the Travis County Attorney's office, the office responsible for the prosecution of DWI offenders. Our staff works closely with county prosecutors, law enforcement agencies and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.
Presentations may include question and answer sessions with representatives from any of these groups.

For more information or to schedule a presentation call (512) 854-4229.

* Based on the total licensed driver population. Source NHTSA