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Travis County basic development permits are applied for online at

After completing a free customer account, site plans, application checklists, engineering reports and data, and the estimated construction cost estimate are all uploaded as pdf documents to the application file in MyPermitNow.

The permit application fee will be calculated by the Travis County TNR cashier, and will be sent to the email provided by the applicant. A check for the fee amount may be mailed to Travis County or provided at the TNR Cashier's window at the Permit Office at 700 Lavaca, 5th Floor. Please note that technical review of the application materials will not begin until the permit application fee has been remitted to Travis County.


The applicant will be notified by email when review comments are available for download from Responses to review comments and additional information and data should be uploaded to Please notify review staff by email when additional information has been uploaded for review.

Helpful Information Common to Non-Residential Development Permit Applications:

1. Travis County Fire Marshal Review

Non-residential site plans are required to be submitted to the Travis County Fire Marshal's office separately for review and approval. In some cases, the Travis County Fire Marshal will direct that applications be filed for review with the local Emergency Services District.

All commercial structures are required to obtain a Travis County Fire Marshal Building Permit (or permit from Local ESD, as the Travis County Fire Marshal directs).

Information regarding the Travis County Fire Marshal's permit application process may be found online.

2. Non-Residential Notice Requirement

All non-residential site development permit applicants are required to send a non-residential notice to any homeowners or property-owners associations for subdivisions located within 1,000 feet of the site boundary. Association information is found on the City of Austin's community registry, and can be identified on City's website.

The notice includes

  1. a filled-out form with project information: 
  2. a location map (applicant provided), and
  3. a simple site plan (applicant provided).

The public notice requirement will be considered to be completed when a copy of signed mail receipts has been uploaded to Please notify your reviewer when documents are uploaded to MyPermitNow.

1. OSSF application

Please note that any site development permit application where an on-site wastewater system will be utilized to provide wastewater service will require a separate OSSF permit application to Travis County (or other jurisdiction, when applicable. This will still be the case when an existing system is utilized, as the new use will require that the system be re-certified. OSSF permit applications made to Travis County are made online at Additional information regarding the OSSF application process.

2. Driveway permits:

When Travis County right of way is proposed to be accessed by a new driveway, a Travis County driveway permit will be required to be applied for online at This application will be in addition to site plan permit application, however it may be listed under the same permit number.

Additional driveway permit application information

3. Other permits required

Please note that it is the applicant's responsibility to apply for an obtain any other permits required for their development.

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