Use the Land Wisely

Integrate storm water management techniques in the site development planning from the outset, identifying, reserving, and designing around the most favorable locations for storm water infiltration based on elevation, soil type, and permeability (Arendt, R.)

Bring Together Planners, Ecologists, Building & Landscape Architects, Engineers, & Contractors to Design Your Development Plan

Professionals who adopt greater interdisciplinary collaborations and work processes related to site analysis and design can use this synergy to design for hydrology first; then follow with project component design and construction staging. The reward for this effort will be an attractive, less costly design that could result in higher property value and marketability. As well, design and construction professionals who expand their expertise should expect their services to be more coveted and marketable than traditional service providers.

Travis County Code (Sec. 82.915) requires that a developer or owner proposing a subdivision or a non-subdivision site development or utility project* must convene a pre-application meeting with Travis County TNR staff to discuss the project prior to upload of permit or plat applications for review. Travis County encourages the developer to use this opportunity to share its interdisciplinary planning with TNR staff, to discuss site-specific restraints, to identify how the development will be low impact to the environment, and to discuss any regulatory challenges that may need resolution.

*This requirement applies to a non-residential site development or utility anywhere in the unincorporated area larger than 3 acres or a subdivision greater than 20 acres proposed outside the City of Austin ETJ

Conservation Development standards have been adopted by Travis County. See Travis County Code Sections 82.220 – 82.241 for details. When implemented, conservation development preserves native vegetation, sensitive ecological habitat, and open space. The impervious cover of the residential development is kept under 15% and the commercial development under 45%.

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