In order to insure the safety and well-being of the general public, any privately owned and maintained improvement, either existing or proposed, which encroaches into County right-of-way requires the issuance of a License Agreement.

With the approval of Travis County Commissioners Court, a license agreement with Travis County may be entered which will allow for certain non-standard improvements to be constructed and maintained by a responsible party within Travis County right of way.

License agreements are addressed in Chapter 82, Section 82.701. Templates are available in Chapter 82, 82.1025 and 82.1026.

License Agreement

The license agreement will need to clearly identify the licensed area within the right of way, and will reference the Travis County permit number authorizing the licensed improvements. You will need to work with your permit reviewer to determine the specific improvements that will be acceptable to be located within Travis County right of way. Please keep in mind that the safety of the public and the integrity of the roadway system will be the priority when considering other improvements within the right of way.

License Agreements will also provide for liability insurance, fiscal for the removal of improvements if that should become necessary, and indemnification of Travis County for any problems related to the construction and maintenance of the licensed improvements.

Possible Low Impact Water Quality BMPs that on a case-by-case basis might be approved for location within the right of way:

  • Vegetative Swales
  • Rain Gardens
  • Stormwater infiltration features
  • Landscaping
  • Water Quality ponds

Please note that the improvements will be required by meet Travis County development code requirements for engineering design and meet safety and clear zone requirements.

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