Rainwater harvesting is an innovative alternative water supply approach anyone can use. Rainwater harvesting offers a small-scale BMP to reduce storm water runoff and the erosion or scouring associated with it.

By harvesting the rainfall and storing it, a property owner can slowly release the water back into the soil, either through irrigation or direct application. The water then slowly percolates into the groundwater table, providing a steady supply of water to local streams and rivers.

rainwater hose

Items needed for a basic rainwater harvesting system:

  • a catchment area, likely a roof (metal roofs work best but any roof will work for non-potable water);
  • gutters with downspouts;
  • screens to catch leaves and debris from catchment area;
  • rain barrels; and
  • delivery system to landscape (spigots, hoses, pumps, etc.)
rainwater bins
rainwater harvesting

Source: Rainwater Harvesting rainwaterharvesting.tamu.edu

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