IPM is an environmentally sensitive and low impact approach to pest management. Landscapes are monitored regularly, problems properly identified, severity considered, control options evaluated, and then, selected least-toxic controls are implemented.

Effective IPM includes:

  • Accurately diagnosing pest problems before considering any treatment
  • Using least-toxic solutions when addressing landscape problems
  • Not applying fertilizer or pesticides before a rain
  • Not killing every bug (95% of insects are not pests)
  • Using pesticides as a last resort
  • Always reading and following pesticide label instructions
  • Encouraging beneficial insects
  • Considering whether the soil is deficient in nutrients through chemical analysis, before applying fertilizer

Source: US Environmental Protection Agency: epa.gov

Texas A & M University conducts soil tests for a very nominal cost. Information and forms to submit can be found at: soiltesting.tamu.edu

Source: Grow Green: austintexas.gov/department/grow-green

Central Texas Gardening: centraltexasgardening.wordpress.com

Travis County maintains an IPM webpage at: travis-tx.tamu.edu/integrated-pest-management

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