Administrative Questions

Burn Ban Questions

Is there currently a burn ban in Travis County?

How do I find the number for my local fire department that I need to call before burning?

Find your location on the Jurisdiction Map.

See the ESD Fire Departments page for ESD contact information.

Does a local burn ban prohibit the sale and use of fireworks?

No, however the Commissioners Court may impose a fireworks ban under certain conditions..

Can I cook outdoors during a burn ban?

Yes. Open flame cooking can be done outdoors during a burn ban, however the flames must be completely enclosed in the cooking device.
Read more about safely cooking outdoors.

Can I cut, grind and weld during a burn ban?

Yes. however the Commissioners Court may require that certain procedures be followed durring a burn ban. The Burn Ban Order will contain information about safety matters that must be addressed by individuals conducting hot work operations.

What materials can I burn when there is no burn ban in Travis County?

You may burn limbs, leaves and straw that originated on your property.

Can I burn discarded tires?


Can I burn old furniture?


I have a lawn care business. Can I bring trimmings from client’s property and burn it on my property?


Does the Travis County Burn Ban also apply if I live in the city limits of Austin?

No, you would need to contact the Austin Fire Department for questions regarding burning inside the City of Austin. Their number is (512) 974-0130.

Can we have a campfire at county parks during a Burn Ban?

You would need to contact the park directly for their guidelines.
Travis County Parks website

Inspections of Existing Locations

What are the inspection standards for the unincorporated area of Travis County?

The inspection standards include the following:

  • International Fire Code 2015 ed.
  • Local Government Code Chapter 352.

How do I report a fire hazard in unincorporated Travis County?

Contact our office at (512) 854-4621 or complete our online hazard reporting form.

How do I schedule a foster home/adoption inspection?

Contact our office at (512) 854-4621. (See fee schedule.)

What will the inspector look for during the foster home inspection?

Please refer to the foster home inspection guidelines.

Inspections of New Commercial Construction (Permits)

How do I obtain a permit?

Download the Permit Application.

Be sure to check out the Permit Application Guidelines
and the Penalties and Fee Schedule.

Is it possible to meet with a plan reviewer before I start the permitting process?

Yes. Contact our office at (512) 854-4621 to set up an appointment. Meetings with plan reviewers are by appointment only.

What do I need to start a business in an existing building or lease space?

Change of Occupancy Permit may be required. Call our office at (512) 854-4621 to schedule a pre-development meeting.

Do fire alarm and/or fire suppression plans need to be reviewed for permitting?

Yes. All plans are required to be submitted (even on existing facilities) and fire code permits are required.

See the Fire Code Guidelines.

Can I open my business before being inspected by the Fire Marshal?

No. A Certificate of Compliance is required to open a facility to the general public.

Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program

Does my child need this program?

This program addresses fire setting behaviors through education and intervention. Youths may be referred by parents, teachers, fire departments, social services providers, or mandated by the court.

This is a FREE program for children between the ages of two and sixteen. Parents concerned about their child and their family's safety can contact our office for a free one-on-one class with the juvenile and parent. This program also assists the family with further counseling if needed.

Call (512) 854-4357 if you live in the unincorporated area of Travis County or (512) 974-0240 if you live in the city limits of Austin.


How does the program work?

An assessment is conducted with the child and parents. Fire setting sometimes stems from other issues in the juvenile’s life. Fire safety education is provided to the juvenile and the parents and referrals if needed. All material is kept confidential.


What do I do if the court has mandated this program for my child?

Call (512) 854-4357 if you live in the unincorporated area of Travis County or (512) 974-0240 if you live in the city limits of Austin to set up a time for the intervention. These classes are by appointment only. Please allow a minimum of two hours for the intervention, assessment, and education.