General Guidelines

Building Plans Submittals Guidelines

Fire Protection Systems for Marinas Facilities

Marinas require fire protection systems due to limited fire department access and logistical concerns associated with fire suppression operations. This document provides guidance regarding the installation of fire protection systems for marina facilities, and is applicable to both private and commercial marinas within the Travis County Fire Marshal’s jurisdiction.

These requirements apply to new marinas as well as extension, modifications and construction on existing marinas. The requirements do not apply to a single family's docking facility or marinas containing fewer than 20 slips AND encompassing less than 9,000 square feet. Marinas that have not been extended or modified since February 1, 2005 are also exempt.

Requirements for Marina Facilities Fire Protection Systems

Foster Homes

This checklist applies to specific family foster homes for the purpose of complying with Texas Department of Family and Protective Services fire safety evaluation requirements.

Foster Home Requirements