The Fire Marshal's Office is the law enforcement agency responsible for fire investigations, fire inspections and fire code enforcement within the county. All "Marshals" are Certified Fire/Arson Investigators, Certified Fire Inspectors & Licensed Peace Officers.


The Fire Marshal's Office also provides support to the 13 local Fire Protection Agencies (ESD's), works with the Travis County Hazardous Materials Task Force, and investigates citizen complaints regarding fire and life safety hazards.

Remember, you must obtain a permit before beginning construction or expansion of commercial facilities within the unincorporated areas of Travis County.


Fire Prevention Department

The Fire Prevention Department is staffed by Fire Inspectors. They are responsible for preventing fires through periodic inspection of commercial or public buildings, licensed facilities and other buildings in the unincorporated county. They inspect for fire/life safety hazards in all existing commercial, multi-family dwelling and state-licensed facilities, i.e. daycares, foster homes, nursing homes, and schools.

Our inspectors will investigate complaints of illegal burning, overcrowding, or locked or blocked exits. Residents are welcome to report a hazard or violation through our online form or contact our office directly.

The Prevention Department also offers educational programs to the public with a wide variety of fire/life safety programs. Our wildfire preparedness information can help you protect your home. The Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program helps parents and children understand and address the special risks associated with children and fire. General fire safety information can be found on our Safety Tips page.


Investigations Department

The Investigations Department is staffed by Fire/Arson Investigators who are responsible for investigating fires and explosions in the unincorporated area of Travis County. We will respond to scenes when requested by local fire departments, police departments and the general public to examine the fire scene to determine the origin and cause of the fire.



Our Mission

The mission of the Travis County Fire Marshal’s Office is to protect and serve the citizens in unincorporated areas of Travis County by providing and enhancing fire investigation, fire prevention education, and enforcement of Travis County Fire Code.

We strive to serve and protect our constituents by providing and enhancing fire investigation, fire prevention education, and enforcement of Travis County Fire Code.

Organizational Values

Our Organizational Values

  • To protect the lives and property of the public and impartially enforce the law.
  • To fight crime by proactive prevention efforts and aggressive prosecution of violators of the law.
  • To maintain the standards of integrity incumbent of the office we hold.
  • To value human life, respect the dignity of each individual, and render our services with courtesy and civility.
  • To be professional in all duties and contacts with the public.
  • To work cooperatively with the public and within the framework of the U.S. Constitution.
  • To preserve the peace and provide for a fire safe community.
  • To employ and promote a diverse, competent and professional workforce.

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