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The Fire Marshal Office is proud to work alongside many live entertainment events throughout Travis County. We know how important your safety is and through the adoption of the International Fire Code and working with industry leaders we plan, review and implement all-hazard public safety plans with this in mind. For any questions, please email [email protected].


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Applications require the following:

Mass Gathering will also require:

Other Special Events will also require:

Assembly Occupancy Defined

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The Travis County Fire Marshal acknowledges there is always an increased risk when there is a gathering of people, which is why we stress the importance of fire safety in Travis County. We take precautionary measures when working to ensure assemblies operate in a safe manner.

  • The use of a building or structure, or portion thereof, for the gathering of persons for purposes such as civic, social or religious functions; recreation, food or drink consumption; or waiting for transportation.
  • The Travis County Fire Marshal requires an Emergency Preparedness Plan to be submitted for locations that meets these requirements. An Emergency Preparedness plan is required for all assemblies, other than those exclusively used for religious worship with an occupant load less than 2,000. These plans shall include at a minimum a fire safety plan, fire evacuation plan, seating plan and crowd manager information.
  • Trained crowd managers shall be provided at a minimum ratio of 1:250 persons where facilities or events involve a gathering of more than 1,000 people.

Public Hearings

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