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“Passionately promoting effective, transparent and (relatively) painless contract compliance to save taxpayer dollars, improve contractor performance and vendor relationships, and ensure the safety and welfare of humans building or interacting with Travis County projects.”

Dedicated to the principle that robust contract compliance:

  • enhances transparency
  • aligns expectations
  • results in more productive relationships and improved performance

Committed to:

  • enabling and cultivating statutory, contractual and regulatory compliance
  • ensuring the judicious stewardship of public dollars
  • advancing the stated values of the Purchasing Office:
    • ethics
    • impartiality
    • accountability
    • professionalism
    • service
    • transparency
  • initiating a Travis County Better Builder® Program dedicated to:
    • protecting the health, safety and welfare of the construction workforce
    • maximizing opportunities for participation in County economic growth
It is the policy of the CCP to use optimum effort and best practices to ensure that individuals, companies and governmental entities under contract with Travis County comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulations, contractual obligations, and the procurement policies established by the Travis County Purchasing Office.

Established to:

  • foster awareness of and appreciation for the Values and Guiding Principles; and
  • implement the Policy Statement