The Honorable Tamara Needles, 427th District Court

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The Travis County Supervision and Monitoring for Alcohol Related Treatment (SMART) Re-Entry Court is a specialized docket operating on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 2:00 pm or as designated by the Judge and dedicated to the assessment, treatment and supervision of the participants of the SMART program. The purpose is to provide the participant with the structure and support they need as they work toward a drug and alcohol free life and a pro-social lifestyle. The SMART Re-Entry Court requires participation in frequent court appearances, random drug testing, community supervision and counseling.

The program also provides a monthly speaker series with presenters which include former inmates, agencies who provide job opportunities for offenders, and motivational speakers.


SMART Residential and Continuing Care clients, who are identified by staff in need of court intervention, appear before the court to address non-compliance and/or recognition.

The SMART Re-Entry Court is held 3rd Tuesday of the month at 2:00 pm or as designated by the Judge.

A treatment team consists of a SMART Counselor, a SMART Officer, and a Court Officer who staff cases 1:30 pm with the Judge prior to the 2:00 pm docket to discuss progress and non-compliance. The team approach provides appropriate monitoring and ensures accountability of offenders.

  • Must be screened for eligibility prior to admission into SMART and requires court order for participation
  • Must have an advanced alcohol or other substance abuse problem, regardless of whether there is any previous history of treatment
  • Must have completed the residential phase at SMART
  • Any medical, physical and/or psychiatric conditions must be stabilized on non-narcotic medications
  • No serious medical or physical problems that would require ongoing medical treatment/physical therapy off site that would limit their ability to participate in program activities
  • No propensity for violence/assaultive behavior
  • No severe level of psychopathy

There is no application process; the program is part of the continuum of care upon release from the residential phase.

Contact Persons

Cinthya Serrato, CSCD Unit Manager
(512) 854-5712

Kelley Garcia, CSCD Senior Probation Officer
(512) 854-5479

Sara O'Connor, CSCD Court Probation Officer III
(512) 854-3511

Frances Shelby, CSCD Probation Officer II
(512) 854-5705