The Honorable Elisabeth A. Earle

judge earle

Judge Earle has served as the presiding judge of the County Court at Law #7 since January, 2003.

In addition to presiding over her daily docket, Judge Earle founded the DWI Court in 2008 and continues to be Presiding Judge furthering the Court’s mission to enhance public safety through providing an intensive, judicially supervised program of team-based counseling, treatment, and supervision to alcohol/substance abuse dependent DWI offenders. In appreciation of her dedication, Judge Earle received The DWI Court Advocate Award from the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition, was recognized in Washington D.C. and awarded the MADD National President’s Award for Criminal Justice for her role in the implementation of DWI courts nationally and subsequently received the prestigious MADD Outstanding Judiciary Service Award. In 2011, Judge Earle was voted by her peers to serve as Presiding Judge over the County Court at Law Judges and continues to serve in that role.

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