The Honorable David Crain

judge crain

Judge Crain has served as the presiding judge of the 331st District Court since January, 2011.

Judge Crain also manages the Travis County Supervision and Monitoring for Alcohol Related Treatment (SMART) Re-entry Court, which is a specialized docket operating bi-monthly and dedicated to the assessment, treatment and supervision of the participants of the SMART program.

331st District Court Guidelines
SMART Re-entry Program

Court Staff

Judicial Aide:

Julie Alvarez
(512) 854-9443


Stoney Clark
(512) 854-9358

Court Reporter:

Cindy Sympson
(512) 854-9357

Probation Officer:

Monica Noyola

Blackwell-Thurman Criminal Justice Center

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509 West 11th St, 9th Floor
Austin, TX 78701
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331st District Court
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