The Honorable David Wahlberg, 167th District Court

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The Substance Abuse Felony Punishment Facility (SAFPF) Reentry Court is a specialized Drug Court for SAFPF graduates during the aftercare portion of the SAFPF program. Success is recognized and rewarded through incentives; violations are addressed consistently and swiftly with Court administered sanctions.

The Reentry Court uses judicial monitoring with community supervision strategies that focus on reducing recidivism. The involvement of a Judge increases accountability among the Reentry Team and has the potential to improve services. Reentry Court is focused on promoting compliance with Court mandates, increasing participant accountability and offering positive reinforcement.

The SAFPF program has proven to be effective in resolving one of the primary causes of criminal behavior and personal destruction in the offender population. Successful completion of SAFPF has shown to make a marked difference in the lives of offenders and their families.


SAFPF Aftercare for a total of 9 months. Progression Advancement Criteria in each Phase of Aftercare is based on the client maintaining sobriety along with compliance with treatment and probation conditions.

Judicial Oversight
Regular court appearances for progress review.

Probation Supervision
Regular office visits with a probation officer to monitor compliance with the program requirements and conditions of probation.

Alcohol/drug testing
Random testing to insure abstinence.

The opportunity to change one’s life through intensive treatment, counseling and Judicial support; incentives such as reduced reporting are also incorporated into the program as the participant successfully progresses through the phases.

May be used, to include jail time (as appropriate), or removal from the program for non-compliance with SAFPF Reentry Court requirements.

Program Completion
Participants will graduate from the SAFPF Reentry Court after successful completion from SAFPF Aftercare Continuum and Specialized probation caseload. This will include maintaining sobriety, regularly attending court and participation in the structured aftercare program.

  • Completion of SAFPF and graduation from the program.
  • Assessed as needing restrictive and intensive substance abuse treatment services.
  • Serving a term of Felony-Regular or Deferred Community Supervision.
  • Court ordered.
  • No pending charges or detainer(s).
  • Exhibits no signs of acute alcohol or drug withdrawal and has been detoxified.
  • Physically and mentally capable of participation.
  • Program length (1 year and/or determined by the Court)
  • Participants in the Reentry Court report to the docket once a month or as determined by the Judge.

There is no application process; the program is part of the continuum of care upon release from the inpatient SAFPF facility.

Contact Persons

David Terronez
(512) 854-5253

John Pratt
(512) 854-4964