The Honorable Brandy Mueller, County Court at Law #6

Project Engage aims to reduce the number of revocations, convictions and jail sentences by providing teenage offenders the additional support and structure of regular judicial oversight within a probation term with maximum supervision, and an emphasis on school and/or work.

project engage
  • Monthly Group Court Appearances
  • Mandatory School and/or Work as a Condition
  • Community Service and Engagement
  • Mentorship Programming
  • Resume Building, Job Finding and Training Resources
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Project Engage is a docket created especially for misdemeanor defendants who are ages 17, 18 and 19 years of age. This docket takes place before Judge Mueller in County Court #6 every month. Misdemeanor cases that may be appropriate for Project Engage can be transferred into Court 6 from any Travis County criminal misdemeanor court at law or pled down to Court 6 as a reduction from felony District Court. Contact the Court 6 office if you have a case or cases you would like to be considered. This program is not offense specific.

What's Happening?

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Conditions of probation

  • Appear in Court 6 monthly in a group setting (2pm Thursday usually the last week of the month)
  • Undergo random drug and alcohol tests
  • Complete a series of community service projects designed specifically for this program
  • Take part in mentor program
  • Complete treatment and counseling as may be recommended

Incentives for accomplishment and progress

Offenders will be recognized for improved compliance and accomplishment with:

  • Early Discharge
  • CSR credit
  • Recognition Certificate, letters and employment referrals
  • Fee waivers or reduction

The consequences of non-compliance

  • Work Crew community service through the probation department
  • Additional CSR
  • Increased Frequency of Random UA program
  • Placement on Electronic Monitoring
  • Referrals to Additional Counseling, Treatment, etc.
  • As a last resort, revocation and jail time at full exposure

Misdemeanor defendants should:

  • be 17-20 years of age
  • be a Travis County resident
  • not have a violent criminal history
  • not have had a previous commitment to TDC or TYC
  • not have unresolved cases pending

The program may be particularly applicable for offenders who:

  • lack a high school diploma or GED
  • are unemployed
  • are indigent
  • or who have limited vocational skills.

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Appropriate cases can be transferred to CCL #6 from any misdemeanor court or plead down to CCL #6 from a felony court.

Contact court directly if you want a case to be considered. This program is not offense specific.